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Be one step ahead!

10th TMC Conference was held on May 30, 2019 at Travel and Technology Hub Gacka16

One of the biggest goals for travel agencies in 2019 has been to set up online air tickets sales and more than 40 of them had taken part at this conference which was set up more like an agency-dedicated workshop where agencies did the presentations.


Andelko Calusic, CEO of TMC Solutions has opened up the conference with a strategic overview of the past, present and future projects of Travel Management Company – TMC, intertwined with a personal view on life, number of hours every man and woman have to put in their work lifetime to achieve something greater than life circumstances have in store for them. Experience is what makes us a better version of ourselves and that was a theme that has been a sort of a motive of other presentations.


A family feeling was set up from the beginning and Dario Karl, Business Developer at TMC, has presented his experience of working with travel agencies and showed how TMC has developed the technology which enables anyone to build their own brand. A few easy steps by using an existing template and one agency was basically set up to start selling their air tickets online.

The Brands module enables the designing of one’s online air tickets engine as well as the entire personalization of TMC Core system – sending autogenerated offers through self-booking tool, embedding a logo in all other modules, enabling any user to distribute TMC technology as their own.


Muhamet Syla, CEO of Vip Travel, Kosovo, has spoken about his experience in a mostly ‘offline’ market and his work in building online air ticket sales. He has also shown other TMC Core services that his agents use in everyday work – Galama, an analytical service that provides historical data of all issued air tickets, George – a corporate booking tool and real-time data enabler that shows all online engine searches, online and GDS bookings, issued tickets and entire processes of every single customer enquiry.

“TMC technology has enabled us to improve our business by creating and expanding a network of our partners – agencies and corporate clients. We have been using TMC tools and services for over 2 years and we are always looking forward to new solutions and further development“.


Dragana Malešević, Head of air ticket sales at Rest Nest, showed what they had to endure to set up their online sales and how their brand was developed. Today she presented their entire experience and service in this industry. TMC has been a backbone of their success and Dragana showed how the use Galama and Resfinity – a hotel booking tool in their work, but also presented how they manage their online bookings in Galileo GDS and communicate with their clients.


Ivan Jakovac, Head of online air ticket sales at Ulix, presented a Galileo product, Queue Control that enables his online air ticket sales automated ticket issuance for credit card payments. A process that has intrigued many agencies and airline representatives.


Siniša Antić, CEO of As Travel, Banja luka, with more than 20 years of experience in this industry has started his own agency in 2019 and showed his approach in offline air ticket sales – using Amadeus Remote Ticketing Solution. A thorough presentation dealing with his subagents and issuing 3 air tickets in Slovenian BSP, even though his agency is not an IATA accredited one, resulted in three ‘Happy clients’ travelling.

“We are a proud member of the TMC family. With the help of TMC tools and services we have created a network of our own subagents and can proudly say that four biggest agencies in Republic of Srpska are very satisfied customers.

Denis Gergić, Head of Travel Management Academy has united all other presentations and showed an integrated approach to education in the Travel industry, presenting an academy structured on experience, practical knowledge and modern technological trends.


The end of the conference was closed with s LOT Polish giveaway for agents that have been issuing their tickets in the last period and there was one happy winner that has gotten a weekend in a polish destination of their choice. Anđelko Ćalušić closed the conference with an homage to TMC’s head developer and presented his unique location service that is used in most of TMC technology. It enables standardization of cities, airports and countries at the highest possible quality, without any equivalent.


The conference was closed as it started – a feeling of united experienced travel agents, with a desire to learn more, achieve more and improve in every possible way. New business opportunities, acquaintances and experiences are what makes these conferences a very special event.