New Generation of Travel


A Croatian technology company has connected several global leaders at the 9th TMC Conference “New Generation of Travel”

7th of February, 2019. will be remembered as the day Zagreb became a central place of European Travel industry.

It is of utmost importance to accept new challenges, keep questioning and testing existing business models, adapt to changes and opportunities, connect, be open and to share. Without all of these factors it would be impossible to stay and succeed in this industry.

Key representatives of global leaders (Kiwi, Amadeus, Travelport, AerTicket, Kupibilet etc) in the area of technology and travel distribution have been our guest on yesterday’s conference at Travel & Technology Hub Gacka 16 in Zagreb

Emphasis was placed on solutions as a result of combining experience, tradition and new technology.

“At this TMC Conference we have gathered the most relevent experts in Travel industry. 9 speakers from 8 countries have reviewed global technological changes and advances, new models of distribution, such as VI (Virtual interlining) and NDC (New Distribution Capability). Innovationconference series give us answers to ever-accelerating changes through different perspectives of speakers from both global companies and small travel agencies, who give us their much appreciated experience, challenge us and give us examples of overcoming their biggest problems that positioned them as leaders in this segment of travel.”

Anđelko Ćalušić, CEO TMC Solutions

Lana Marić-Štimac presented NewGen ISS, which represents new model of IATA accreditation of travel agencies. NewGen ISS is more than just accreditation process, it puts risks for airlines on a different level and provides new, more flexible model for agencies to enter this segment of business, depending on strategies, sales channels and other segmentation. Lana’s expertise inspired us during panel where we discussed about general impact of new technologies on Travel industry from the perspective of airlines, travellers and other players in distribution of travel.

Blažo Nedić was one of the most inspiring speakers and presented mediation as an empowering tool in the travel industry but also in life generally. Blažo was a real refreshment and a surprise to conference participants, considering he is not originally from travel industry. His view on EU 261 regulative gave everyone a fresh perspective on travellers’ rights and the roles airline play in that process.

Zdenek Komenda, Chief Business Development Officer in, has emphasized the importance of all-inclusive offers for smart travel planning that saves time and money. A strong vision that Kiwi, as leader of virtual interlining model, has presented of developing door-to-door business strategy has thrilled the conference guests. “A large number of new online travel agencies in VI has encouraged us to keep developing that model through door-to-door strategy, connecting with companies like Uber.”

Representative of the biggest European consolidator, Oleksii Murovtsev, Regional Director Central, Southern Europe and Eurasia at AERTiCKET AG, has taken the cue of connecting and partnerships to point out that companies in this industry should not be a competition, but perform a greater distribution network to improve their business’.

The importance of new technologies in Travel industry has also been pointed out by Aleksandra Tomaszewska, Senior Commercial Manager at Travelport and Oleksii Smotrov, Software Architect at Travelport.

Aleksandra and Oleksii point out that according to a study done in 25 countries, 16 000 travelers say that technologies and digitalization, such as apps and smartphones that serve as medium for the entire process of bookings and payment, are key to a greater travel experience.

Nicole Zapp, Head of Sales and Account Management Online DEATCH at Amadeus, has spoken about digital transformation in Travel industry, the way it is changing our world and travel experience through omnipresent technologies that make our travels the backbone of social interaction.

Boris Pirozhnikov, Deputy Chief Operations Officer at Kupibilet, has presented the state and specifics of Russian market and the goals of his company to increase technology testing and developing in the EU through online brands that they plan to open and cooperate with.

Peter Panayotov gave us a analytical overview and perspective behind the OTA’s. Insight into Balkans routes and the offers of biggest online vendors through different distribution, such as virtual interlining was especially interesting