• Airtravel Hackathon

    Airtravel Hackathon is open to students, technology, design and marketing oriented individuals and companies. On the other side, tech and travelTech companies are welcomed to apply their teams and use this event as external teambuilding and/or connection to travel industry through technology and development.
    Targets? The winning team will have to have most convincing presentation of created product, using their business logic and added value for product user. During Event mentors from tech and travel industry are on disposal (Big data experts, travel experts, travel management experts....)


    Airline industry big data problems and API integration for creating value added solution within the Travelport API framework. Travelport backend data will be used for data sampling to provide relevant content to work on.

    What sort of solution will we be working on?

    Big Data
    API integration
    Final solution presentation and design

    Our goal is to find the most innovative solutions and options for the airline industry based on available data provided by the sponsoring partner. These solutions should be perfectly encompassing forward looking innovative design for the future of airline industry in today’s dynamic and changing landscape.
    All participants will be given the theme of the big data project at the start of the airtravel hackathon. We do encourage usage of machine learning and A.I. for the final solution. We are looking for the most innovative ideas and solutions that can add value to the current API framework.


    World biggest store of Flight data – Travelport flight data


    Given the emerging possibilities in the airline industries we want to get the best potential in moving airline industry forward with the development of intelligent IoT (Internet of Things) solutions that would result in effectively using all available data integrated into the predictive backend system.

    Final solution should have API access and encompass the following components:

    Processing full real time information while identifying the most optimal solutions for customers and the airline industry.
    Adding reliability and stability in full airline industry risk profile (maintenance, passenger flow etc.).
    Transparency in pricing, logistics, maintenance optimization, flight optimization, routing optimization and so on.
    Giving unique value within the current API framework with full scale integration into value proposal for increase revenue or more stable predictive customer flow through different touchpoints.


    Airline Data Science

    Travelport (NYSE: TVPT) is the technology company which makes the experience of selling, buying and managing travel continually better. It operates a travel commerce platform providing distribution, technology, payment and other solutions for the global travel and tourism industry. The company facilitates travel commerce by connecting the world’s leading travel providers with online and offline travel buyers in a proprietary business-to-business (B2B) travel marketplace.

    Travelport has a leadership position in airline merchandising, hotel content and distribution, car rental, mobile commerce and B2B payment solutions. The company also provides critical IT services to airlines, such as shopping, ticketing, departure control and other solutions. With net revenue of over $2.3 billion in 2016, Travelport is headquartered in Langley, UK, has approximately 4,000 staff and is represented in 180 countries and territories.
    We provide travel technology solutions. Travel agencies, airlines, airports & corporations use our services.

    We build work-automatization and business organization products for travel agencies and corporate clients.
  • Hackathon Rules
    • This will be a team participation hackathon. You can have maximum 4 members.
    • Once the hackathon starts, you will get an option to submit your work, and you can submit as many times as you want, the last submission will be considered as the final submission.
    • Your submission must be entirely developed during the Hackathon competition.
    • Any type of developers can participate. We do stipulate a well-rounded team to submit their application as this will greatly up the team’s chance of winning.
    • Individuals can only be in one team within the hackathon (no table jumping)
    • You can code in any language and for any platform.
    • No code should be written before the Hackathon start. The only exceptions are for publicly available frameworks/APIs, open-source code that has been available for at least a month or APIs/SDKs made available by hackathon partners.
    • All additional API calls to external sources available to all participants like Twitter / Google are allowed.
    • For rules in Croatian, click here!


    • General business model
    • Innovation and awesomeness of the final solution
    • Clear and organized last pitch of the solution
    • Process and code quality
    • Big data model stability
  • Rewards

    1500 € cash prize for the winning team

    Best concepts are accepted for a follow-up R&D-project negotiations

    500 € cash prize for all selected teams (up to 6 teams)

  • Hackathon Agenda
    Till 21.01.2018. Applications will be accepted and registrations closed
    25.01.2018. Pre-hack-meet-up, 18:00-20:00, Travel and technology HUB "Gacka16"
    31.01-1.2.2018. Airtravel Hackathon


    Mentor Demijan Grgić

    Demijan Grgić works at Comminus where he is a data scientist responsible for developing big data solutions primarily from the area of consumer analytics and profiling. His role there is twofold, understand the clients’ requirements for big data analytics and designing tailor made solutions for individual businesses.

    Before taking on a role as a data scientist, he’s been working as a risk analyst in operational risk area.

    He came to work at Comminus in 2017, and he graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, in Telecommunication and Informatics profile; and after that from Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, in Analysis and Business Planning profile.


    Mentor Josip Antoliš

    Josip Antoliš works at Infobip where he is leading a team responsible for developing and maintaining public HTTP API. His role there is twofold, designing a modern, RESTful APIs and thinking of developer needs and requirements on one hand, and scaling the API infrastructure and ensuring high availability on the other.

    Before taking on a role of a team leader in 2016, he’d been working as a full stack developer on other projects at Infobip. There his work had involved both frontend and backend development, often consuming predecessors of APIs that he is developing today.

    He came to work at Infobip in 2013, after graduating from Department of Mathematics at Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, where he studied theoretical mathematics.


    Mentor Ozzy Papić

    Ozzy Papic, was the Founder and CEO of Toronto-based Net Integration Technologies (NITIX), which was acquired by IBM. NITIX is today at the core of IBM’s Small Business initiative under the Lotus Foundations brand. Ozzy was voted one of the Top 50 Inventors by VAR Business, and he also received a US patent for NITIX IDB backup technology.

    Prior to NITIX, he co-founded HighwayOne in the UK where, as Technology Director, he designed and implemented what was then the UK’s first distributed wireless high-speed data network. Highway One was subsequently acquired by Telefonica.

    Prior to Highway One, Ozzy was an executive for Canada’s largest computer manufacturer and system integrator where he built one of the country’s first business internet service provider businesses.


    Mentor Oleksii Smotrov

    Oleksii joined Travelport UA 10 years ago as sales manager. He has been successful in providing inspirational leadership, expert strategies, and accountability now he became a R&D Director in Ukraine. He has remarkably strong background in aviation industry. Oleksii brings his experience and best practices to Travelport from big Airline & Airports projects where he held top executive positions. He played one of the most important role in sales and promotion of GOL IBE solution in Ukraine, Belarus & Moldova.

    An enthusiastic and dynamic manager with extensive experience within IT, programming, marketing & sales areas. Strong track record of achieved goals makes him an important player within CEE team. Oleksii’s current key focus areas is a Big Data, consolidation of CEE products, strategic & IT support for developers teams who use Travelport latest technologies and solutions.

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